Audiobook Production

Audiobooks have moved on from the days of multiple cassettes in the local library. Now they allow people to enjoy the latest best-sellers while driving to work, exercising or even while in bed without having to disturb their partner by having the light on.

But until recently the production of an audiobook took lots of money resulting in this potentially lucrative new sales channel being limited to the big publishers.

Through our sister company In Ear Entertainment, who publish audiobooks from up and coming writers and create downloadable podcaster drama, we have pioneered a low cost approach to create high-quality audiobooks. Indeed, our audiobooks have been praised for being clearer than those from the big publishers.



  • Cast an actor who fits the style and tone of the manuscript or work with you to record from your home or our studio.
  • Record and master the audio to create clean, professional sound.
  • Supply you with high-quality audio files you can use any way you like.
  • Support you after we have delivered the final files.

Cost: Variable from project to project. Do get in touch for a personalised quote but £400 per 10,000 words is a good ballpark figure.

(discounts for larger projects)

We can also arrange cover art and hosting of the final files, if needed for an additional fee. Contact us with your needs.